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If Time Stood Still!

There is a saying,

''Time & Tide" waits for no man'' !

The clock is constantly ticking and the

Bible tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes that, there is ''A Time for Everything''.

In verse 4 of chapter 3 it says;

''a time to weep and a time to laugh,

a time to mourn and a time to dance''.

But then, What if Time Stood Still?, in the midst of the life storm that left you in pain.

  • will you be able to accomplish your set goals?

  • will you now be able to rest from your busy schedules?

  • will you mourn enough?

  • will you be able to walk in the divine calling over your life?

when time stands still there will be destruction!!!

Personally, I feel when time stands still there will be destruction.

However, it might be in the favor of some and to others it might not be favorable.

I am reminded of a story in the bible of how Joshua by the power of God that was at work in him, commanded the sun to stand still so they could fight their enemies until victory was theirs, because they already knew the outcome of the battle.

God had already told them He had given their enemies into their hands so they fought

fearlessly and in expectation. (Joshua 10 : 7-14)

fight your battles fearlessly and in expectation because Jesus already won the victory when He died for you and I on the cross of Calvary.

In this case, it was favorable to the Israelite's that time stood still. God gave them victory by conquering their enemies in battle. God fought for them.

On the flip side, there was destruction in the camp of their opponents. They were brutally destroyed and hence, it was not favorable to them that time stood still.

Joshua had an agenda he needed to accomplish and that led him to command the sun to stand still. He needed more time to finish what he had started and fulfill what God had said.

a God given agenda should lead you to command time to stand still and not the opposite

The pain we experience when we go through loss if not diligent can cripple us spiritually and prevent us from moving forward. It causes us to settle in a place called grief.

When we allow ourselves to wallow in this place called grief, we indirectly command our time to stand still, which is to our disadvantage. Because, mind you Gods time never stops ticking.

His time is not our time.

''A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by or like a watch in the night''.

(psalm 90:4)

Furthermore, life's events cannot stop the passage of time. Indirectly commanding your time to stand still gives an advantage to the enemy because he cripples you and prevents you from walking into your God-given purpose. He then begins to feed you with his lies that you can never move forward after your loss,you cannot rise up from the place of grief and the likes.

Yes the presence of your loved ones will dearly be missed but life goes on. Each one of us is created by God uniquely and you have a unique purpose designed specifically for you with your name on it.

lifes events cannot stop the passage of time

We know a cripple cannot walk or move without the help of someone fit enough for the task. Today, God wants you to rise up. He wants you to know that, He is more than able to mend your broken heart, heal you and make you whole again. He is more than fit for the task and wants you to invite Him into your situation.

until we know we are defeating the enemy, we can not command time to stand still


  • rise up and invite God the healer into your situation

  • rise up and trust that God wants to fight for you

  • rise up and know that weeping may endure through the night, but joy comes in the morning

  • rise up and know that God has a calling and purpose for your life

  • rise up and chase after the dreams God has placed in your heart

  • rise up and fight the enemy with the tool God has given you, His Word!

I sense right now writing this blog that just as Jesus commanded the lame man to rise up and walk, He is commanding you to rise up and walk because He is there with you through it all.

Make this Declaration over yourself and insert your name in the blank space


Today, I ........................ make a choice to Arise.

I know that my help comes from you, Lord .

You will fight for me and great will be my peace.

The clock is ticking and time is not on my side.

Lord, teach me to number my days,

that i may gain a heart of wisdom

and fight the good fight with You being

my guide and anchor.

Daughter of God, remember that the battle is the Lords.

He will fight for you if you give Him permission. He is willing,

are you?

Your time to dance and laugh again is closer than you think.

Time is ticking and the clock gives the sound tick tok, tick tok...follow along!

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